A quarter million

Page view number 250,000 was served by this blog site in the wee hours this morning. 

Sounds impressive, huh? If I had a penny for every hit I’d have $2500. For an hourly rate of pay of about a dollar, I’d guess. 
Which is more than what I got, which is a half dozen books to review. 
And also much less than I got, which is a bunch of new friends, not to mention an old friendship renewed.

Anyway hit number 250,000 came from Auckland NZ, via this aggregator.

One thought on “A quarter million

  1. Good for you! And only a year after the 100,000 mark (with the priceless comment about CA folk). I continue to be impressed by your writing, especially the witty though respectful way in which you often reply to contrarian comments. Keep it up!Bart

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