Snake eyes.


13 thoughts on “Oy

  1. Lou Grinzo says:

    Good thing all those big, fat, red dots don't cover anything important. I mean, there's nothing up there but ice and vegetation-packed perma…Oh. Never mind.

  2. With a peeled zero of expertise, I'm going to express my stunned amazement that nearly every blue dot is in Western Europe, the U.S., and the southern, more densely populated portion of Canada. It almost looks rigged.And the biggest blue dot seems to be in Oklahoma. No wonder Inhofe thinks there's no problem.

  3. My point exactly. The denial squad is going berserk with "coldest October ever" of course.

  4. Tony Lee says:

    Sure, the US is cooler, and that's great for denialism. But as far as the planet goes, what ought to jump out is the oceans…

  5. Dan Olner says:

    Being a bit of a newbie to the world of climate denial, I'm finding myself slack-jawed at the ability of deniers to misinterpret the evidence. I mean, a comment from Wattsupwiththat yesterday:"This illustrates that the observed warming is not the world getting warmer so much as it is the world getting less cool."Ooooh Kaaay. Here's Greenfyre on this -http://greenfyre.wordpress.com/2009/11/16/deniers-record-high-incoherence-ratio-increasing/

  6. EliRabett says:

    As we all know Alaska is not part of the US.BTW, for the Federation, the Rommulan had this a few days ago

  7. Dano says:

    What we notice is that Copenhagen is coming and the Noise Machine has turned up the volume. It doesn't matter that the noise is gibberish or factually inaccurate. The Noise Machine produces noise. The noise is partially intended to keep folks busy. What is important is whether the US passes carbon legislation. Then gets to work on a California-like AB32. It is not important that the Noise Machine pumps out noise – it is important that decision-makers know the consequences of their votes.Best,D

  8. WAG says:

    Meanwhile, Anthony Watts is trumpeting the 3rd coldest October on record for the US. Guess he STILL gets confused by his immediate surroundings. Not to mention that he apparently accepts the US temperature record when it shows cold temperatures.Fittingly, the word verification for this comment is "dener" – a misspelling?

  9. Yes, of course all downward wiggles are valid and all upward wiggles are not. It is a wonder the great ice sheet isn't back already.

  10. Eli,<tex>Me teyya sumthin, frane. Word count don't count.Smtams a mane says mower bah sayin lace.</tex>

  11. Hank Roberts says:

    Alak w'n y'talk laka nawm'l poisen study wana them upity types.

  12. poisen? y'awl f'm loozy anna?

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