More Yikes

Update Tuesday evening: So far these predictions are looking remarkably accurate.


12 thoughts on “More Yikes

  1. Oale says:

    why yikes? looks like perfectly normal winter weather to me.

  2. That's about 4000 km wide.

  3. Oale says:

    can't people teleport around it? sorry, havin a bit of a hangover.

  4. Oale says:

    Read about that @Masters' underground, sounds like a lot of shovelling. Here we had recently a Savonian snowstorm that left ~15000 houses out of the grid, of course this is quite normal for us and most farms have backup generators. Might push some people to upgrade their infra.

  5. Deech56 says:

    Our newsradio station, WTOP, did say last week that the OPM had encouraged federal workers to teleport – I tried, but ended up teleworking instead.

  6. Nick Dearth says:

    Should be an interesting drive in to work tomorrow (I'm just NE of Cincinnati).

  7. Aaron says:

    The good thing is that it pushed The Weather Channel to talk about climate change and extreme weather. I almost fell off my seat. A little more discussion of climate/extreme weather by MSM, and some congressmen will have to explain why they do not accept "global warming."Now, if we can just get Fox and to report the scinece. . .

  8. bigcitylib says:

    I like the way your weather guys all show the snow stopping at the Canadian border. Hope they're right.

  9. The impact zone in the Northeast is already substantially above normal in snowfall for the season:Mid-Winter Snowfall Review

  10. Jim Bouldin says:

    A blizzard warning that extends from N Texas to Saginaw MI, 100 miles wide, and a winter storm warning that extends uninterrupted from SW New Mexico to coastal Maine, is not "perfectly normal winter weather" Oale.

  11. We could use some more snow around here.Rather have it snow in the mountains and the fields, skipping town tho'.

  12. Oale says:

    Looking at photos I'll have to say that would have put even us in Finland to a temporary standstill.

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