Motion to Defund IPCC Passes US House

The House passed an amendment defunding IPCC last night. This amendment is included in the House budget continuing resolution that just passed. The vote on the amendment (Luetkemeyer of Missouri Amendment No. 149): 244-179. 9 Democrats voted “yes” and 3 Republicans voted “no”.

“None of the funds made available by this Act may be used for contributions to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).”

Democrats voting “Yes”:

Ross (AR)

Republicans voting “No”:


Not voting:

McCarthy (NY)


8 thoughts on “Motion to Defund IPCC Passes US House

  1. EliRabett says:

    Giffords has an acceptable excues

  2. dhogaza says:

    Huh, I don't really need to post.Word verification is … "bleca".Pretty close the "blech" I was going to post.

  3. Well, that will certainly balance the budget, NOT! Rick Piltz has the pathetic details of the "debate":

  4. chrisd says:

    I, Carnak the Magnificent, see in my crystal ball three Republicans who have just cashed in their political careers…

  5. Oale says:

    Clearly them cheapos want the report free of charge, should UN bill US citicens for reading the report? Or do you think Bible includes maps of USA where the effects of AGW are included?

  6. Pangolin says:

    The Republican Party has "gone Crazy Eddie" and have decided to scuttle the planet instead of bailing. For those of you who aren't science fiction fans and haven't read "The Mote in God's Eye" Crazy Eddie refers to a meme rather than a specific character. The meme refers to somebody who exhorts others to engage in futile action to solve a problem in such a way as to make the problem worse. Crazy Eddie is the guy who tries to prevent major forest fires in August by lighting lots of small fires on a dry windy day in June. Crazy Eddie is the guy who runs to the back of the Titanic with scuttling charges when he hears there is flooding in the bow to "level the ship." Crazy Eddie passes tax cuts then complains about budget deficits. Crazy Eddie defunds the IPCC and NASA's Climate Science divisions as huge, global warming pumped storms rage across the planet. The Republican Party has gone Crazy Eddie.

  7. Dano says:

    Let me just say that I showed Reichert around my town a few years ago. We went into the Senior Center and there was this old bat who took Dave by the arm and insisted that he didn't act on globul warmin cuz its a SCAY-UM and the commies use it to control us andandand. It was very instructive that Dave's aide had a look on her face like 'we get this a lot' and both had a practiced set of lines to push these people away. It led me to believe back then that the GOP tolerates the Bircher- and Fundie- and winger-types to keep the energy going. They aren't really serious about listening to these people.Best,D

  8. Well, he's one of the three. Hardly makes for a groundswell…

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