Wherein our Hero Finally Makes Nature Magazine

Not as an author, but as a subject…

The first two words of doi:10.1038/nj7340-667a (Nature 471, 667–669 (2011)) are:

Michael Tobis

I have a strange life.


9 thoughts on “Wherein our Hero Finally Makes Nature Magazine

  1. Anything for publicity.

  2. Well, yeh. Of course.Hasn't done squat for traffic in the short run, though. How much would it have cost them for a bleedin link?

  3. It's a perfect article for 2002. Sadly, it was published in 2011.Aside from the silliness of "gosh-wow-people-are-blogging" to a contemporary Internet-literate audience, really, this is one more article that counters "anecdote about person describing his blog as outreach who says it helped him/her get an academic job" with "anecdote about person who may have gone too far and made him or herself look bad". Have these people ever thought of doing science? The thing is published in Nature, after all. Couldn't they do a survey or something?

  4. dhogaza says:

    Blogwhoring in Nature has to be a first, however you managed to pull it off – too bad it's not working! 🙂

  5. William T says:

    y'all are just jealous

  6. Steve Bloom says:

    They would have been far better off getting Micahel to write that article.

  7. Anna Haynes says:

    ahem, my 2c: egos, like sex, are best indulged in private….as are comments like this one, better not to publish it…

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