Not Polar Bears II

I told you messin’ round with them polo-bears was diendge-ress, dinna, son?

3 thoughts on “Not Polar Bears II

  1. Pangolin says:

    Apparently you know who in the contemporary context is about eight feet long, weighs 500 lbs, has white fur, a black nose and a fondness for fresh seal meat.

  2. Oale says:

    small sample size is a constant problem when studying near-extinct animals, and what not…

  3. Alastair says:

    Like the post on a secret dictatorship, I am afraid this post on polar bears has gone over my head. However, I have just come across a link which shows why I think Ruper Murdoch and his Fox News are the secret dictatorship.Here is a good example of how he is making global warming scepticism seem respectable. Everyone suspects the oil and coal industries of promoting the disinformation, but Murdoch seem to be doing it just for the devilment.

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