Planet 3.0

Please check out our new Planet3.0 sustainability news site.

I hope the quality of conversation that has emerged on this site, of which I am very proud, can be transferred and scaled up on Planet3.0. We have in mind a number of experiments to facilitate intelligent and informed conversation, but they need a nucleus of participants.

So especially if you have been a contributor at this site, I’d like to ask you for a modest if kind favor. Please sign in at the Planet3.0 site and participate in the conversation there. Let’s show the world how it’s done.

3 thoughts on “Planet 3.0

  1. It's called Planet 3.0 because you need to go through three succeeding Email challenges, evidently.

  2. Anna Haynes says:

    Is "sign in" the same as "request an invite"?(…which sounds like "request an invite to have my blog featured among the other P3 blogs"; esp. since it wanted a link to a sample of my writing; which put me off, at the time, as my blogs' caliber is not that of the extant P3 contributors'.)i.e. a distinction between "discussion participant" and "presenter" might be helpful.

  3. Anna Haynes says:

    Also: I'm kind of down on commenting these days because it's evanescent (unless it's a faux pas in which case it'll be elevated & emblazoned in lights forever) – so – a) consider the opportunity cost of commenting; and b) consider increasing the value of commenting by recording/filtering the best of it for posterity (and easy access).One way to facilitate ease-of-later-use might be with a custom comment form – taking the "title" field (that DeSmogBlog has, among others) and renaming it "In short:" or some such.

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