What about the other 11%?

Commentary on the WGII SPM on Slashdot spans the usual gamut from snarky through self-importantly clueless to insightful, and as usual for nontechnical articles the comment moderation system is not especially helpful. My impression that the balance of Slashdot opinion was moving in the wrong direction is not confirmed this time; it seems to be about 25% informed and 75% ill-informed, with the ill-informed split evenly between worried, unworried, and more or less misguided difference splitting (a.k.a. Broderism).

One presumably skeptical question seemed genuine and insightful enough, though. What does “consistent” mean? It’s stated that 89% of the observational records showing significant change are “consistent” with warming. Does this imply that 11% are “inconsistent”? What does this mean for the “consistency” of the record as a whole?

I think we’ll be hearing this question again.

I didn’t see any answer in the SPM. Did I miss it?