Action Plan to Further Weaken Earth’s Defenses

File under encourage earthlings to confuse facts with opinions.

A comment at the Martian Invasion site Watts Up With That:


1. Remove Silly Billy (done)
2. Get enough people to assert the view on the article that global warming is a political issue and therefore political comment is as valid as “scientific” comment.
3. Having undermined their main defence that only “their” (i.e. the “scientists and underlings who edit wikipedia) views (aka science papers) are allowed, proceed to include a range of diverse views on the issue and make it an interesting read covering the whole subject in depth.

Martians! Your day of victory approaches!


Texas Board of Education Meeting on Slashdot

The final vote on the State Board of Education curriculum standard is tomorrow.

The story is not just on Slashdot but also the WSJ.

I have half a mind to go watch the ceremony seeing as I’m in town. Maybe get me a fedora and a little card that says press. But it’s just a ceremony. Why burn a day’s vacation time just to be exasperated bu a new group when my main hobby involves so much exasperation already. I figure the vote is the vote and the ceremony will just waste a day.

Catch up here, and come back tomorrow evening for the news.

Update 3/25/09 5 PM CDT: Texas Freedom Network is liveblogging as I type.

Update 3/25/09 8 PM: I misunderstood. Final testimony is today. The vote is tomorrow- Thursday the 26th. Sorry for the inadvertent suspense.