Two Interesting Quotes

Too many interesting quotes today.

Competing for the banner with Bora’s comment,

“…the publication of research papers is the true test of a modern scientist.” No, no, no!!!!! This is wrong in so many ways! So Ivory Tower thinking that leads to all other science careers being dubbed “alternative careers” and looked down upon – a nasty, vile way of thinking.

– Bora Zivkovic (commenting at Chris & Sheril’s)

which is very helpful to my “reinventing mt” theme, I have this.

Heard (on the world’s best music radio station bar none, Austin’s KUT, and now that you know you can stream it) from musician James McMurtry this morning, something like:

I don’t believe in reporting anymore. All I can think about when I hear a reporter is “who bought this and who are they trying to sell it to?”

That quote is also relevant to “reinventing mt”.

There’s a way out, though. The cure is this:

Reporters must own their content.

OK, it’s not the whole cure, but it’s the crucial first step. Comic book artists figured this out years ago. Suddenly, the economics is comparable. And this time, guys, please remember where you read it first.

Morano is Out; I’m Still Hanging In

According to Wonk Room, Morano is out. (I don’t think I had anything to do with that, but I sure have to wonder what happened.) He will likely continue his career of erm, what it is he did to me (and, apparently, to John Kerry, so I’m in good if unfortunate company) but at least he won’t be doing so from a Senate office on public funds.

Also my blog traffic is up.

And I’ve gotten all kinds of support from all sorts of people.

So it was a very emotionally stressful week but not all bad. Perhaps people are starting to think of the implications of the fact that “mortalities on the order of a billion are not excluded” who hadn’t considered the implications of such a possibility before. That would be a worthwhile contribution.

That said, honestly, if I had it to do over I wouldn’t.

I would especially like to express my sincere and profound regrets to the University of Texas community for being instrumental in their wholly undeserved public embarrassment. I would have gone to great lengths to have it some other way had I been given the choice.

As I mentioned recently in comments, these events do have me wondering if my biggest prospective contribution to the world is in a conventional scientist role. I am interesting in corresponding with anyone who has ideas for how to structure a career as a writer/content provider, mostly on the internet. I would need to be able to support myself modestly.

I’ve mentioned this prospect a few times in the past, but I’m inclined to get serious about it.