Dr. Lubos links to an amazingly painful Larry King snippet and scores some easy points. Brace yourself.

In short, Bill Nye the science guy sputters a bit and then makes the usual blunder about the “Gulf Stream shutting down”, and Lindzen makes plenty of hay from it.

If this is the story people are seeing, is it any wonder they are getting it jumbled up?

Larry King’s people deserve some of the blame for this disaster, but Bill Nye should have just demurred. We don’t need some bowtied Mr Rogers clone defending us, for God’s sake. It may not be “a hundred thousand to one” as Nye idiotically suggests but it’s pretty much “ten thousand to ten”. Where were the ten thousand? Couldn’t King’s people have found even one competent member of the IPCC?

It’s bad enough to have to debate on these terms, but it seems we have to. If we don’t, they will put up the likes of Bill Nye to argue our case!